Family Is Everything Outreach began in 2016 after the death of my little brother Dalen Risby who passed away at the young age of 18. At that moment I realized how many lives he touched with his contagious smile and positive outlook on life, which motivated me to not only make a difference but to also inspire others to make a difference. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a family to build a community.

We have successfully kick started all 3 programs in less than a year.  Our program "Be The Best You"has successfully started 5 girls AAU basketball teams in our 1st year which now has over 60 kids in our program.
We have successfully held 3 major events in less than a year that has brought food and fun for all ages in the community. Our current goals are to continue to build on our strong start and to secure more financial support in order to better serve our community.

Our most pressing need is financial support. Our program's "Be The Best You" and "Classic Men's Youth foundation" have had an immediate impact so our numbers have already doubled our initial projections. We need financial support for gym rentals and training cost (10,000 annually), uniform expenses for 70 young ladies (9,800 annually), food and supplies for our major events such as FIE DAY, Easter EGG Hunt, Youth Fitness DAY and WE ARE THE VILLAGE DAY (11,000 annually)

Ryan Batey Founder/President  


Ryan Batey was born and raised in Nashville,TN. He founded Family Is Everything Outreach in August of 2015 after the tragic death of Dalen Christopher Risby. His passion is making a positive impact on our youth and inspiring others to be the solution to our problems in our communities.

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Mission Statement

"Inspiring people of all ages to make a difference"

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