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Be The Best You Sports Program

Updated: Jan 24

Be the best you is a program designed to build our youth through sports. We currently have 5 AAU girl's basketball teams and several young men in our boxing program. We truly believe that sports will not only build up our youth's confidence but it will also teach them life lessons.

Short Term Success: Our short term goals are to quickly develop self esteem and self confidence. Through consistent workouts and training sessions each individual will become acclimated to exceeding your limits each day.

Long term Success: To provide our youth with the opportunity to further their education by earning athletic scholarships and to equip them with the discipline, drive and determination they will need in order to be successful in life.

In our 1st year 8 girls that started in our program in 2018 failed to make their school team the previous year. After 1 AAU season they all made the school team and all of them were starters. 6 of the 8 played in the final four in the city tournament and 2 were on the 2018-2019 city championship team. All 8 players were selected to play in the all star game as well.

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