We Are The Community

Our main focus is to bring back the "it takes a village mentality" back to our communities by providing food, clothing, supplies and financial empowerment resources to the underprivileged and undeserved. We also hold one major event each quarter to bring the community together for food and fun for people of all ages.

Short Term Success: To have an immediate impact on changing the culture in our communities by implementing the "each one reach one" concept. By successfully implementing this concept we will be able to lay the ground work for inner city revenue increases.

Long Term Success: To provide a solid structure and foundation that encourages growth and development in our communities. The ultimate goal is to bring a 12% increase in revenue to our inner city communities.


Our annual F.I.E DAY has had consistent increases in attendance from our 1st F.I.E Day event in 2016 where we had an attendance of 60 people to our 3rd F.I.E day event in 2018 where we had an attendance of over 150 people.


Jessica Batey

Event Planner & Coordinator

Eric Wallace

Director of Food Preparations


Mission Statement

"Inspiring people of all ages to make a difference"