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Family Is Everything

Inspiring people of all ages to make a difference.


Family Is Everything Outreach began in 2016 after the death of my little brother Dalen Risby who passed away at the young age of 18. At that moment I realized how many lives he touched with his contagious smile and positive outlook on life, which motivated me to not only make a difference but to also inspire others to make a difference. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a family to build a community.

We have officially been operating as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and proudly serving the Nashville community since 2018.  We have been able to grow and thrive simply by sticking to our mission statement “inspiring people of all ages to make a difference” and keeping our focus on family.

We Are The Community


Taking Care of Our Community

Our main focus is to bring back the "it takes a village mentality" back to our communities by providing food, clothing, supplies and financial empowerment resources to the underprivileged and undeserved. We also hold one major event each quarter to bring the community together for food and fun for people of all ages.

Short Term Success: To have an immediate impact on changing the culture in our communities by implementing the "each one reach one" concept.

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Be The Best You

Sports Program

Going into year 6 we are excited about the opportunities we are able to provide on major platforms in 2024. Thanks to our success in the first five years our High School athletes will be competing on the Elite 40 and NE2k circuits while our Middle School athletes will be competing on the NEXXT League Circuit. Competing on these top circuits will allow us to continue to challenge our young ladies and helping them pursue their dreams of playing at the next level. We look forward to the opportunity to compete against some of the best talent in the country on the biggest stages in girls basketball. We build, We develop and We push to exceed our limits everyday THAT IS THE FIE WAY !

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